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Video #1 - Family Law (9/6/2011) "The Nuts and Bolts of Family Law"
Video #2 - Estate Planning (9/13/2011)
Video #3 - Criminal Law (9/20/2011) "The Nuts and Bolts of Defending DUI Cases"
Video #4 - Panel Discussion (9/27/2011) "Practical Logistics of Starting Your Own Law Firm: Pitfalls to Avoid"
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For attorneys: These forms were provided by local practitioners. They are being offered as a courtesy to members of the Young Lawyers Division. Please consult local rules to ensure that these forms comply to the court in which you are filing them.


For non-attorneys: These forms are not a substitute for the legal advice of an attorney. Please consult an attorney with any legal questions or concerns you may have. If you choose not to consult an attorney, use these forms at your own discretion.


Affidavit of Jurisdiction and Grounds

Notice of Required Divorce Ed Class
Basic Docket and Calendar System Nuts and Bolts of Divorce
Certificate of Service Stipulated Parenting Plan
Complaint for Divorce (w/ Children) Request to Submit
Complaint for Divorce (No Children) Rule 26A Checklist
Conflict of Interest Sharing Letterhead and Office Space
Decree of Divorce Risk in Taking Stock in Lieu of Fees
Engagement Letters Suing Clients for Fees
Findings of Fact and Conclusions of Law Summons
Insurance Policy Basics Verification of Income and Compliance with Child Support Guidelines
Motion for Entry of Decree